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The Good Fight Season 2 Episode

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Anime Name: The Good Fight
Season: 2
Saga: Universe Survival
Episode No: Last Episode
Release Date: 27-May-18
Video Quality: HD
Language: English Subbed


The Good Fight continues to give us (or maybe just me) things we didn’t know we wanted but now desperately need more of. Going into season 2, I had no idea how much I would to love seeing Diane Lockhart microdosing, and yet now it’s probably one of my favorite things of 2018. Now in “Day 478” we got Diane learning hapkido, which was a truly amazing sight. Somehow Baranski maintains her regal poise, even while practicing throws and footwork (see the photo above). But as always, these delights weren’t the only thing The Good Fight had to offer.

This week, The Good Fight dove into some of the murkiness of the #MeToo movement, featuring a case inspired by the recent Aziz Ansari controversy and the “S—y Media Men” List.

Liz and Maia are defending Ron, a famous sports photographer who went on a date with Emily, a young associate producer. On the date, Ron was very pushy and aggressively tried to sleep with Emily, who didn’t want to engage in sexual activity and kept trying to slow things down. Ron was oblivious to her discomfort. Eventually, she just decided to “get it over with it,” and Ron performed oral sex on her. Later on, she decided to share her story, which ended up on A—holes to Avoid, a website meant to warn women away from dangerous men. Ron lost his job because of the site and has had trouble finding a new one because it. Now he’s suing her. He wants the story taken down and an apology, especially because he believes he didn’t force himself on her. The problem the firm runs into with this case is that while Ron and Emily agree on the sequence of events on the date, they disagree on the interpretation of those events.

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