Silicon Valley Season 5 Last Episode Watch Online English Sub and Dub

Silicon Valley Season 5 Last Episode

Watch/Streaming Silicon Valley Season 5 Last Episode English Subbed online in HD quality. You can also download this Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode  with high quality.

Trollhunters Season 5 Last Episode

Anime Name: Silicon Valley
Season: 5
Saga: Universe Survival
Episode No: Last Episode
Video Quality: HD
Language: English Subbed



But Laurie is a VC, not a CEO. She’s quite unprepared for the onslaught she has to face. Richard arrives at Eklow just in time to see Laurie barf all over herself from stress. “Puking is my department,” says Richard after providing Laurie with a replacement blouse from Fiona’s closet. “You’re the same size as the robot,” he tells Laurie, who is far less fazed by this detail than I was. If nothing else, the Rise of the Machines is going to be stylish!

Laurie’s stress attack is a rare crack in her normally steely façade. She tells Richard that she had no idea being CEO was so difficult. As a result, she might have been unfair to him at times. Richard doesn’t know how to process this confession. He mistakenly feels pity and tries to cheer Laurie up by creating a PiperNet credits program so she’ll have free access. I wonder if cheapskate Richard’s feelings were due to Laurie being a woman; I doubt he would have been so charitable had Colin the Octopiper thrown up into his server. Regardless of Richard’s intent, this sudden bout of generosity will soon bite him in the ass.

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