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Silicon Valley Season 5 Episode

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Trollhunters Season 5 Episode ——–

Anime Name: Silicon Valley
Season: 5
Saga: Universe Survival
Episode No: ALL
Release Date: 13-May-18
Video Quality: HD
Language: English Subbed


I interviewed at a famous computer company that shall remain nameless. “Would you like some coffee?” asked my interviewer. “I’ll send Mark to get us some.” When Mark showed up with my coffee, I almost hit the ceiling … because Mark was a robot! A primitive-looking one, to be sure, but his designers had obviously seen Short Circuit. Mark handed me my coffee, which I took with trembling hands. “Thank you,” I said nervously. “You’re welcome,” said Mark in a robotic monotone. “If you sign on,” said my interviewer, “Mark will bring you mail and coffee.” “He’ll also kill you with extreme prejudice,” said my paranoid brain. I could see myself running from an ax-wielding Mark while the noisy mainframe drowned out my screams for help. Suffice it to say, I did not take the job.

This story highlights my oft-repeated notion that Gilfoyle is my spirit animal. This week’s Silicon Valley is all about the Rise of the Machines, or rather, the Raised Consciousness of the Machine. Richard gets an AI customer whose mere presence on PiperNet sends Gilfoyle into a terror spiral. This is a man who worships Satan, so you’d expect him to be fearless. But that fearlessness only applies to dealing with people. Gilfoyle is mortified that PiperNet will engender a robot revolution.

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