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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 7 Episode 19

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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 7 Episode 19——–

Anime Name: Dragon Ball Z Kai
Season: 7
Saga: Universe Survival
Episode No: 19
Episode Title: “The Impending Warriors of Justice! The Pride Troopers!!”
Release Date: 19-May-18
Video Quality: HD
Language: English Subbed


Vegeta continues to plead with the people of Earth, but no one will listen to him. Fat Buu has finally lost all of his energy, so Vegeta is forced to fight Kid Buu again. He is no match for him, and gets severely beaten. This time, Goku asks the Earthlings to raise up their arms and donate some of their energy, and small pockets of people who recognize his voice or just like the sound of it do so, but the vast majority remain unconvinced. Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks spread out into the city, hoping to convince people to raise their arms and donate their energy. Mr. Satan has finally had enough, and he speaks to the people of Earth. When they hear the familiar voice of the “World Champion,” all of the people of Earth raise their arms and offer their energy. The Spirit Bomb is finally ready. Goku is ready to throw the gigantic Spirit Bomb at Kid Buu, but Vegeta is in the way, and, despite Vegeta’s pleas otherwise, he refuses to take out Vegeta with Kid Buu. Suddenly, Fat Buu gets up and holds Kid Buu down long enough for Mr. Satan to pull Vegeta to safety. Kid Buu kicks Fat Buu aside, and Goku throws the Spirit Bomb.

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