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Billions Season 3 Episode 12

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Billions Season 3 Episode 12——–

Anime Name: Billions
Season: 3
Saga: Universe Survival
Episode No: 12
Episode Title: “The Impending Warriors of Justice! The Pride Troopers!!”
Release Date: 10-Jun-18
Video Quality: HD
Language: English Subbed


The title of today’s recap refers to the number of times I screamed those words at my TV during this week’s episode. With a dash or two of “Chuck, the hell are you doing?” and “WENDY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I yelled no such thing at Axe, because if Axe can still surprise you with chicanery, you have not been paying attention to the last three seasons of this show.

For an episode that really screws up some innocent lives, it has a delightfully gonzo-heist vibe, which could have felt dismissive but actually adds a queasy note that elevates the whole thing. Not since the Maria Gonzalez’s deportation have we seen so clearly the skull beneath the skin. And, most importantly, we get a lot of Wendy. More Wendy, always.

And this isn’t “say intelligent, insightful, perceptive things while wearing a tasteful sheath dress in her well-appointed office” Wendy! This is down in the dirt, wrasslin’ Wendy. I love it.

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